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Player Information

Name: Philo
Personal Journal: [personal profile] drosselmeyer
Age: 27
Contact Info: Endless March @ AIM, Drosselmeyer @ Plurk
Other Characters Played: Saya Wielant ([personal profile] gran_grimoire)

Character Information

Character Name: Diana
Character Series: League of Legends
Character Age: Early-to-mid twenties.
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon/Alternate Universe Original Canon
Canon Point: After Journal of Justice Issue #31
Background Link: Here.

Personality: The first impression of Diana is one as cold and harsh as a glacier. She is a woman of few words, though everything she says and does is razor-sharp. Her sense of humor is stuck somewhere between pitch-black and atrophied, while her idea of solving problems is one of violence. It wouldn't be off to describe her as a force of nature, cruel, unyielding and uncaring, the kind that sweeps through the world and leaves nothing but desolation in its wake.

This isn't to say that Diana is actually cruel. Describing her as such would imply that she derives any enjoyment from hurting others. The truth is, Diana is a nihilist. Desires and well-being of others simply do not factor into her mentality, neither does her own self-preservation. To her, affection is merely a vague concept, something she heard about and read about in books but never actually experienced. Hatred rings similarly hollow. There are only pain and purpose, both strong enough to keep her going.

It isn't that Diana ever wanted to become like this, either. Born into a rigid religious society, she was simply unfortunate to be born different from her peers and interested in things everyone else considered heresy. The constant mocking, dismissal and abuse that came as a result colored much of Diana's perception of the world, turning her into a harsh and introverted person who cannot afford showing her softer sides to others. To her, every interaction with someone bears a possibility of being hurt again. The prospect is a terrible one; having made mostly foul and painful memories from her past encounters, Diana is far from eager to make another one. She would rather keep people at a distance, shield herself with an air of apathy, then lash out when the chance of being hurt again presents itself. Losing a potential friend is an acceptable sacrifice. After all, solitude isn't new to her and it's better than a new set of wounds.

The only exception to the rule is Diana's new-found faith. After many years of having her affinity with the moon dismissed as heresy, the knowledge of her theories being proved right is intoxicating; the awareness of being chosen by the celestial body as its avatar is cause for joy. It's hard to describe Diana as fiercely religious. After all, most of the Lunari documents were decimated by time and her former brethren from the Solari, leaving her with only a mostly ruined temple and a ceremonial suit of armor for guidelines. The better word to use is "spiritual". Her connection to the moon is an intimate one and her mood glaringly improves at night or when the moon comes up as a topic.

The latter aspect can be both good and bad. When talking about the moon, Diana can become enthusiastic to the point of chipper. Every aspect of it is a joy to her. Old religious texts fascinate her, as evidenced by how much time she spent in the Solari archives, as does simply watching nature change during the night. People who express respect and interest in that faith are guaranteed a warmer, friendlier response, albeit an awkward one due to Diana's severely limited experience with kindness. Reforging the Lunari has been her dream ever since the she discovered the temple and Diana will do anything to one day fill it with people once more. It is why she joined the League of Legends and thrust herself into the cycle of violence - to both prove the strength of her faith and destroy those who would go against it.

And there's the thing that makes it bad. Diana tries to be warm and friendly to people who appreciate her faith, but she is guaranteed to turn on anyone who shows disrespect toward the moon. Dare to question her faith and Diana will automatically be put on the defensive; insult it and you will earn a merciless enemy who will stop at nothing to make you choke on your words.

There is a possibility that one day, Diana will learn how to love and care about people. It's unquestionable that she can be kind, given that she shows it to animals and people who respect her faith. She is definitely courageous, given her willingness to thrust herself into violence, and has a strong sense of justice tempered by being brought up in an unfair world. The issue is that the warm and positive parts of those aspects were buried in an attempt to defend herself. Give her a true friend and a strong purpose and she just might grow into a warmer, more heroic person. But until then, she is content with being a force of nature who keeps emotion on a short leash.

Abilities: Born into a faction of warrior priests, Diana is in superb physical condition. Her lithe frame conceals a great amount of muscles and flexibility, allowing her to excel in her one talent - swordsmanship. When armed with her trademark crescent sword, Diana is a sight to behold and a force to reckon with.

Of more importance is Diana's status as the Chosen of the Moon, the avatar of the celestial body and the bearer of all the magic power it represents. The magic courses through her, allowing her to use its ability to empower herself in various ways. It lets her fire crescent bolts of energy that burn enemies and mark them with moonlight, allowing Diana to use her mystical connection with the moon to see their positions. They also let her wrap her body in magic, shielding herself from damage while damaging those who approach her, as well as drawing them in for melee combat. Diana's crescent blade is a ceremonial weapon and as long as she wields it, she can channel the moon's energy through it for additional damage.

To top it all off, Diana is capable of turning her very body into moonlight when needed. This allows her to either escape mortal danger by fading into the light or charge through the air toward her targets, surging into them like a bolt of magic fire.

There may be other abilities that have yet to be revealed, though one thing is certain. Because of her personality, Diana is prone to using her abilities without any concern for her own or anyone else's safety.

Sample Entry: And that was it.

With a few strokes of her blade and a dash of moonlight, her entire world, once so cruel and all-important, came to an end.

The thought rampaged through Diana's head with merciless abandon, making her blood boil so hot that her vision turned blurry. It was hard to believe that mere minutes ago, her entire world almost came crushing down. After many years of trying and failing to be accepted as a part of the only world she knew, she was discarded completely and sentenced to death... only to be given a place where she belonged.

A place her peers mocked and dismissed as heresy. One they believed could only disrupt the peace and order of their world. A place they didn't even believe was real, denied even after she brought them evidence, tried to hide and destroy when she showed them the truth. There, in that place, was now her home. It may have been rejected by her whole world, but it gave her the strength she never thought she had.

The fires behind Diana scorched her back and made her legs buckle under the red-hot wind, but she couldn't bring herself to care. The screams of her former comrades and countrymen, once so deafening, didn't reach her ears. She stood on the hill, illuminated by the deadly and merciless golden fire that reminded her so much of the sun from behind, and looked up to face the only thing that ever acknowledged her.

Yes. Here, wherever moonlight touched, was her home. Here she could be strong and unwavering and nobody would ever hurt her again, no matter how much they would try. The moon's light may not have been as cruel as the sun's, but it was enough to hide her, keep her safe and wash away anyone who stepped too close.

For the first time in what felt like years, Diana's lips curved into a warm smile and her eyes, now shining silver, flared with happiness. Her hand rose to meet the sky and her voice, tired and parched, uttered something she always wanted to say yet was always denied.

"Thank you."

Sample Entry #2: Here. My apologies for linking a smut comm, but it's the only thread I have with Diana that features a lot of dialogue that I could procure on a short notice. Tell me if it isn't enough for you. She is a rather short-spoken character.


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